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    Nature Health Solutions

       Listen to your case, take care for your health-rehabilitation

Rehabilitation TCM Services:

We help you to for

relief long term suffer from the health problem with experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine that such as following:

** Respiratory Diseases

* Cough.....

* Insomnia, Stress, Depression

* Hypertension


** Immune System Issue

* Diabetes 1 or 2 symptom relief.

* Arthritis, sciatica

* Migraine

** Diabetes Mellitus

* Nerves Sytem

* Emotional Control

* Digestive

* Endocrine

** Fertility Issue

* Menses irregular or pain

* Menopause syndrome

* Prostatitis, Impotence

** Sport and Work Injuries

** Thyroid Gland Issue

** Cancer Care Issue

** Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatment Programs


Tai Chi Exercise Training

For different case of health conditions needs.

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